Professionals with additional questions about Tax Law

To Members of the Bar and other Professionals.

In this ever expanding global world; consider Richard S. Lehman, Esq., and as your in-house international tax law office.  Don’t lose clients because you cannot supply the “tax law” piece of the puzzle. Lehman Tax Law has mastered the art of providing international tax advice by internet and will travel where warranted.  Arrangements can be made for simultaneous translations and speedy delivery of translated documents in 10 languages to best help service your client.

Mr. Lehman understands professionals are now frequently dealing with alien individuals or foreign corporations investing in, doing business in, or moving to the United States; and/or Americans investing and doing business outside of the United States, or emigrating from the United States. This means that more and more professionals are going to deal with the U.S. tax laws and the world.

The best rule to follow in the field of tax law is to plan legal matters and obtain precision advice in advance to insure commercial endeavors are completed at minimum tax costs and personal lives are minimally disrupted.  This is even more the case in the international field.

Mr. Lehman has been around long enough and experienced enough to know that the world of commerce is far from a perfect world.  He knows how to apply his knowledge, experience and relationships just as effectively to resolve the unplanned and unexpected legal obstructions that arise in transactions that often lead to failure if not dealt with correctly.  It is important to know – Mr. Lehman is just as good in cleaning up the legal mess of others – as making sure a legal mess does not happen in the first place.

For 37 years Richard S. Lehman has been a resource of knowledge in the area of United States taxation. After graduating Georgetown Law School, the New York University Law School Masters program in Taxation and serving as a law clerk on the U.S. Tax Court and with the Chief Counsel’s Office in the Internal Revenue Service in Washington D.C., Lehman has practiced U.S. tax law for 37 years with an emphasis on its international aspects. He has served clients from over 50 countries.

Please contact Mr. Lehman if you require his tax law expertise.