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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced that the Offshore Voluntary Compliance Program (OVDP) will terminate on September 28, 2018 (not the Streamlined Compliance Program). Once the OVDP ends the I.R.S. will be looking for offshore unreported income. The penalties,

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There also is an Internal Revenue Service program that permits United States individuals, who have innocently and unknowingly not reported their foreign bank deposits, to report those deposits at a much reduced penalty than the penalty applicable to the willful

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United States taxpayers, which include United States citizens, Green Card holders and alien individuals who are considered to be United States residents for U.S. tax purposes, who have interests in and/or control over unreported foreign bank accounts are waking up

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The better solution to the Inversion would be for Congress to reduce the excessive corporate tax rates from 35% to a lower tax rate that would invite not only the American corporation to stay in the U.S. but would also invite corporations from foreign countries all over the world to open their operations in the United States because of the favorable tax rates on corporations doing business in America.

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The taxation of Americans and long term green card holders (permanent residents) who expatriate from the United States has gone through many changes over the years. The latest version of these changes with tax expatriating Americans on their accumulated un-taxed

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In the video below, United States Tax Attorney, Richard S. Lehman explains the new I.R.S. Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures. This is an extremely important and valuable I.R.S. Program. It allows almost every American who has been afraid to step forward and

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 We are having success in getting penalties eliminated or reduced. I want to make you aware of the best guidance that one can get regarding the new IRS open-ended Amnesty program.  These questions from the IRS deal with the Amnesty

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