Richard S. Lehman And His Specialty Areas of Tax Law

Richard S. Lehman And His Specialty Areas of Tax Law

Mr Lehman represents numerous Americans working and investing outside the United States taking full advantage of another unique set of tax laws. Americans investing and working outside of the United States may benefit from excluding certain income earned outside of the U.S. or deferring the taxation of such income until a later point in time. At the same time there are tax traps for American investors investing internationally that must be avoided.

Since Mr. Lehman’s early days in the Internal Revenue Service as an estate and trust specialist, he has continued an active estate and trust practice.

Taxation Both Domestic & International

Almost one million foreign individuals are relocating to the United States to find a permanent home in America every year. Many of these immigrants owned substantial wealth that they have made during the course of their lifetimes, which have nothing to do with success in the United States.

Care needs to be taken by these individuals in order to insure that they are not paying taxes on gains and earnings that have accrued before they became U.S. taxpayers.

There are several techniques to insure that accumulated wealth and income earned prior to becoming a United States taxpayer can be protected from United States taxes.

Do you know the answers to these basic pre-immigration questions?

In what investment can a nonresident alien individual investor be subject to paying a U.S.  tax?

  1. Bank deposits
  2. Raw land in the U.S.
  3. Bank deposit in foreign country in which nonresident alien lives
  4. Sale of New York Stock Exchange stocks

How high can the U.S. estate tax charge?

  1. 0% of the net estate
  2. 15% of the net estate
  3. 30% of the net estate
  4. 40% of the net estate

The correct answers above are #2 (Raw land in the U.S.) and #4 (40% of the net estate)

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