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The object of this video is to provide professional advisors and foreign real estate investors with an understanding of the United States taxation of foreign investments in United States real estate, and the numerous strategies that can be used to

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Because of the laws that favor foreign investments in the United States,  and because of certain advantages that a Foreign Investor may find if a U.S. Tax Treaty governs the Foreign Investors, there can be significant differences and benefits for

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Foreign Investors And United States Income Tax. Income Tax Non Resident Alien Individuals and Foreign Corporations (“Foreign Investors”) that invest in U.S. real estate are taxed similar to U.S. Individual Taxpayers and U.S. Corporations on their U.S. real estate income. 

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Thus the magic of the IC-DISC is to provide both tax deferral and to apply a 15% maximum dividend tax rate to profits that would otherwise be taxable in the U.S. taxpayer’s highest brackets that can range as high as 50% . . .

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NEW U.S. TAX LAW Seminar Series: 5.5 hours FREE Continuing Education Course Credits These seminars cover a complete range of topics dealing with legal and practical advice for foreign investors that invest in United States businesses, United States real estate

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