Ponzi Scheme Tax Loss

BOCA RATON, FL –  Investors still stinging from the high-profile collapse of cryptocurrency trading giant FTX may be able to get back some of their tax dollars paid on lost investments. FTX, which made crypto trading accessible to everyday investors

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By Richard S. Lehman, download this article as a pdf here. Download IRS Revenue Ruling 2009-9 Download IRS Revenue Procedure 2009-20 In 2009, two important documents were issued by the IRS regarding the taxation of Ponzi schemes. In the Rev. Rul. 2009-9,

Ponzi Scheme tax loss update for FTX Fraud

REPORT No. 2: FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried Fraud By Richard S. Lehman, United States tax Attorney Introduction Report No. 1 introduced the reader to a key phrase. The phrase is a reasonable prospect of recovery. This phrase determines whether a

Sam Bankmain-Fried, FTX and Alameda ‘Research’ stole your money, let Lehman Tax Law help you reclaim your rightful restitution

The following is Report No. 1 in what is intended to be a series of reports focusing on the tax benefits available as a result of the FTX fraud. These Reports are not intended to be and can not serve as legal

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After careful consideration, I have recently become Of Counsel with the prestigious South Florida law firm of Dorot & Bensimon PL. Through this of-counsel relationship you will have direct access to the finest legal talent in the area. With offices

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By Richard S. Lehman, Esq. Presented here is an article describing the U.S. Tax Treaty provisions that permit nonresident aliens to stay longer in the U.S. than is typically allowed and generally limited to at most 182 days. The relevant

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Mr Lehman represents numerous Americans working and investing outside the United States taking full advantage of another unique set of tax laws. Americans investing and working outside of the United States may benefit from excluding certain income earned outside of the

substantial presence test

It is important to understand, once you become a United States tax resident you are subject to income tax on your worldwide income like every other American. First of all, we are talking about the Non-Resident Alien. . . .

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Capital Gains for foreign investors in U.S.

Alert foreign investors to a unique tax advantage that defers gain from taxation when real estate is exchanged for other real estate of a higher value.