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. . .U.S. estate taxes may be completely avoided if the individual foreign investor owns a foreign corporation that may in turn own the U.S. real estate.

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This is principally an article about tax planning for the non resident alien individual and foreign corporate investor that is planning for larger size investments in United States real estate (“Foreign Investor”). That is investments of One Million Dollars ($1,000,000)

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NEW U.S. TAX LAW Seminar Series: 5.5 hours FREE Continuing Education Course Credits These seminars cover a complete range of topics dealing with legal and practical advice for foreign investors that invest in United States businesses, United States real estate

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TAXATION both DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL Mr. Lehman’s general tax practice has consisted of a wide range of  representation acting as counsel in both the criminal and civil tax  areas. In the domestic tax area, he has represented clients in almost 

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By Richard S. Lehman, Esq., of Richard S. Lehman; Boca Raton, FL Today’s business climate is extremely treacherous for all sizes and types of business. Whether a suit is won or lost, frivolous or legitimate , there are major distractions.

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The general principles discussed herein are not intended to be legal or tax advice
and taxpayers should consult with their individual legal, accounting and tax advisors.

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The web sites below have been created by Lehman Tax Law to help you better understand your options. Since tax law is ever evolving — the site content will evolve and provide detailed advice. The following sites are current and

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