Ponzi Scheme Tax Loss Resources

Ponzi Scheme Tax Loss 50-minute Web Seminar
Learn how recovery through the “Tax Refund” is quick and reliable. Watch this Free 50-minute Web Seminar. This web seminar is for victims and financial professionals.

Richard S. Lehman will explain:
• How to best secure a tax refund from Ponzi Scheme losses
• How the government has made recovery easier
• What you need to know about theft losses

Download Resources Here:

  1. Report to Congress: Customer Outcomes in the Madoff Liquidation Proceeding
  2. Seminar Outline.pdf
  3. IRS Revenue Ruling.pdf
  4. IRS Revenue Procedure.pdf

Ponzi Scheme Expert Advice from Richard S. Lehman, Esq.

Madoff and SIPC claims : Part of a special 8-part series on WXEL’s Wealth & Wisdom show re: Bernard Madoff Tax Loss. Should you file a SIPC claim? SIPC claims must be received by 3/4/29.

Bernard Madoff Recovery – Two leading Palm Beach County, Florida attorneys – Richard Lehman and Steven Katzman – explain the legal options and recovery efforts for victims of the alleged Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme. Estate taxes, filing extension, best chances of recovery.  Claiming loss in 2008. Do you have enough facts together about this Madoff loss to benefit you on your 2008 taxes? Filing for an extension on your 2008 taxes – should you do it?