Tax Planning and Tax Savings Techniques for Foreign Investors in United States Real Estate

Richard S. Lehman shares more than a dozen tax planning techniques; almost all of which are available only to Foreign Investors that invest in United States real estate.

A “Foreign Investor” is defined as a nonresident alien individual, a foreign corporation and other types of foreign entities. These techniques will greatly reduce or eliminate certain U.S. taxes on income earned by foreign investors in U.S. real estate.

Tax planning for investments in U.S. real estate can provide Foreign Investors with many opportunities a few of which can be used to . . .

  1. Completely avoid certain U.S. income and capital gains taxes that might otherwise apply to Foreign Investors.
  2. There are possibilities to reduce U.S. taxes by reducing the taxable income from those investments by the deduction of expenses related to the investment. Often these expenses will reduce the taxable income in the U.S. but not the cash flow received by the Foreign Investor.
  3. It is possible to completely eliminate profits from gains earned from the sale of U.S. assets;
  4. It is possible to completely avoid the U.S. gift taxes and “estate” taxes on real estate investments.
  5. In the situation where taxes are owed, the payment to these taxes can be delayed for long periods of time into the future.

Many of these advantages are only available to the foreign taxpayers and not available to the American taxpayer. The Investor must have proper tax advice to take advantage of these incentives.

It is important to be aware of all of these techniques and make them work for the Foreign Investor.



This presentation is over 1-hour. Tax planning for the non-resident alien individual and foreign corporate investor that is planning to invest in United States real estate. These are issues that could apply to every foreigner who is going to invest in real estate and all those that are dealing with them on an everyday basis such as the real estate broker, the real estate attorney, the accountant and other professionals in the field.

For additional questions please contact Richard S. Lehman, Esq.

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